A Shadow of a Wall

Eight transducers mounted on an elevated floor, four bipolar loudspeakers

in collaboration with Ema Bonifacic.

Intro / In Situ,Maastricht, the Netherlands (December - January 2011)

Budatoren, Festival of Flanders, Kortrijk, Belgium (May 2011)

58 Miera Iel, Riga, Latvia (October - November 2011)

Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland (November - December 2011)

In collaboration with architect Ema Bonifacic, I designed a sonic-architectural intervention for four different buildings in Europe. My intention was to create an installation with panels that resonated sounds, intervening in the space without being specifically about the space. In this work, I was looking for a relationship between the composed sound, wooden construction, room and environmental sounds.

With the support by Raymond Moonen, Intro / In Situ, Amplus, Resonance Network - Thanks to Joost Fonteyne, Johan Vandermaelen, Stephen Verstraete and Kobe Vandeberghe

Interview: Sound creeps into a space's every little corner